Nintendo DS Browser

nintendo_dsThe Nintendo DS Browser is a version of the Opera web browser for use on the Nintendo DS, developed by Opera Software and Nintendo. The Nintendo DS Browser comes in a version for both the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite; this is due to the physical size differences in the memory expansion cartridges used by the browser, which both have a capacity of 10 MB.

The Nintendo DS Browser was released first in Japan on July 24, 2006 and it was released later in Europe on October 6, 2006 for 30 (the same as an ordinary DS game). The Australian release date was on January 18, 2007 and retailed for AU$69.95. (~US$60) However, in Australia, only the DS Lite version was released in stores; a limited stock of the DS Original version was only available directly through Nintendo Australia.

The North American release date was on June 4, 2007 for $29.99. Like the Australian release, only the Lite version was available in stores, and the DS Original version was only available online in US.

HERE is a video to watch!

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