Kazehakase Browser

Kazehakase is a web browser for Unix-like operating systems that uses the GTK+ libraries. Kazehakase embeds the Gecko layout engine as well as GTK+ WebKit. However, the author also plans to add the ability to switch between additional different rendering engines (e.g. GtkHTML, Dillo, w3m). The browser is named after the short story Kazehakase by Japanese author Sakaguchi Ango. Kazehakase is free software available under the GNU General Public License.

Main features

  •     Tabbed browsing
  •     Remote bookmark (e.g. RSS) in menu or sidebar

It is able to update periodically
In Japan, there are other remote bookmarks, for instance, LIRS (In Japanese), hina-di (In Japanese) , Kazehakase can handle these ones.

  •     Variable UI (menus, toolbar etc.) on user level
  •     Customizable mouse gestures
  •     Customizable key accelerator

Download Kazehakase Browser

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